Sorrento’s Ristorante at Tsillan Cellars was chosen as one of Open Table’s Best Scenic View Restaurants in America. Sorrento’s Ristorante is where meticulous culinary innovation lends itself to the Italian-style grounds at Tsillan Cellars embedded within the majestic scenery of the gorgeous Lake Chelan valley.

Sorrento’s Ristorante at Tsillan Cellar’s owner, Dr. Bob Jankelson, admits that the food of Italy captured him before he developed his interest in wine. In weaving his love for  wine, food, and architecture into one, Bob cultivated the perfect outlook for fine Italian dining in Lake Chelan.

“It has to do with the senses,” says Bob. Whether you are sitting by the waterfall or smelling the fresh, clean Lake Chelan air, whether you are tasting what culinary expertise is supposed to be as your eyes feast on the lake below, Tsillan Cellars will immerse you in all that is the Lake Chelan dolce vida. “This is a place where every sense is alive.”

When you turn into the Estate, the broad swaths of vineyard lead to you a place that feels like you’ve been transported to the Italian countryside. The huge marble slabs and large, broad doors open to a wide open dining room wrapped in windows leading to a different angle of aesthetic pleasure.

When you look toward the lake, you can see for miles–uplake toward Stehekin and all the way down to Chelan. Every seat in the restaurant provides a unique experience for you and yours. The outstanding staff welcomes you to soak in every aspect of the winery and restaurant. Experience the ambiance of Italy at Sorrento’s in Lake Chelan.