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Please join us for this month’s Winemaker Dinner on Friday, February 22nd. We are so excited to welcome back guest chef, Kent Getzin. Kent and Winemaker, Ray Sandidge, have prepared
a very special menu for this month’s dinner. We have also chosen several of our new red wines to be featured at this dinner.
To RSVP, please call 509-682-9463 or e-mail cassy@tsillancellars.com 
Regular Price: $120/person
Wine Club Price: $95/person

Di Terra e Di Mare – of land and sea

Di Mare
Tre Frutti di Mare Crudi
Raw and Marinated Seafood in Three Styles
Style 1: Oyster (kumamoto, shigoku, kusshi), Chili Mint Grapefruit Mignonette
Style 2: Crudo of Opah/Ono, Chives, Fresh Citrus Zest, Evoo, Salt, Pea Shoots/Sorrel
Style 3: Opah/Ono/Salmon Poke Style, Soy, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seed, Aioli, Cucumber, Micros (Pea Shoots, Sorrel, Basil.
Frutti di Mare Cucinati in tre Stili
Seafood Cooked in Three Styles
Style 1: Seared Scallop, Winter Pea Puree, Wasabi Pea Crumble, Lemon Zest, Evoo, Micro Sorrel
Style 2: Crispy Fried Oyster, Tarragon Aioli, Fine Brunoised Apple
Style 3: Fish with Crispy Skin, Spiced Red Lentil Smear, Crispy Fried Lentils, Citrus Dressed Fennel Salad
Di Terra
Piccolo Panino Brioche, Croccante Pancetta, Pate di Paese Stagionali Condimenti Stagionali
Brioche Sandwich with Crisp Italian Bacon, Scratch Country Pate and Seasonal Condiments 
Verdure Fresche e Conservate e Cereali in Diversi Stili di Parole e Sapori
Fresh and Preserved Vegetables and Grains in Several World Styles and Flavors
Profiterole al Cioccolato Aromatizzato alla Maya Fuso
Molten Mayan Spiced Chocolate Profiterole