La Dolce Vita On The Lake

Tsillan Cellars, Chelan
Drawing inspiration from many teaching trips to Italy and a love for the Italian lifestyle, Dr. Bob Jankelson began designing Tsillan Cellars in 2003 to resemble an Italian estate. The tasting room, completed in 2004, features 80,000 pounds of stone and marble as it conforms to the Golden Ratio, an ancient concept of nature used by famous Italian Renaissance architects. Natural materials, many imported from Italy, exquisite artistic details and Tuscan hues transport guests to an authentic Tuscan style retreat. With a 45-foot tasting bar topped with Carrara Rosa marble and elegant carved stone fireplace, the warm space invites guests to appreciate the ambiance of an authentic Italian estate while savoring a glass from their selection of Italian style wines such as Pinot Grigio, Barbera and Sangiovese.


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