Class Schedule

Bud Break: April 28th

Flowering: June 9th

Veraison: August 11th

Harvest: September 22nd

All classes will be held at Tsillan Cellars from 9am-Noon

Have you ever desired to delve deeply into what is involved in producing world class wine from berry to bottle? Here is your chance. Beginning April 28th, Tsillan Cellars is offering four–three hour wine and grape growing classes over the course of the spring, summer and fall. Each class will be led by our winemaking staff from start to finish. The class starts each of the four days in the vineyard to observe what is happening in one of the nation’s finest estate vineyards. From the vineyard you take a quick walk to the winery facility. There, all aspects of winemaking are discussed in detail. No question is left unanswered. Finally, you will find yourself enjoying the delicious experiences of pairing Tsillan Cellars wines with foods specifically chosen to help you realize the magic that occurs when wine and great food meet at the same table. The following is a breakdown of what happens and when it takes place:

Class 1: Bud Break –  April 28th
This is the vineyard tell all. How did the vines fare during the cold winter months? As the vines shrug off
winter and early spring, the grape buds swell and burst forth with vibrant green shoots. This first
flush of growth heralds what the French call the “Grand Period of Growth”.

Class 2: Flowering – June 9th
A visit to the estate vineyard finds you taking in the heavy aromatics of grape vines in bloom
as well as the shear beauty of our pristine Lake Chelan and the surrounding mountains.
By now, the vines have grown almost two feet of shoot growth.

Class 3: Veraison – August 11th
If you were present at the previous class in June, you will stand amazed at what has occurred in the  vineyard.
Veraison is the period where grapes begin to develop color and the sugar begins to rise  dramatically.

Class 4: Harvest – September 22nd
Our vineyard crew’s joy and pride will be on display for you to experience. All of their expertise, sweat
and efforts are seen being carefully harvested from the vines they have cared for since last harvest.


Wine Club Member Price: $50 per class
Regular Price: $65 per class

The price above is for a single class.
If you wish to attend all four classes, you will receive 10% off.

Class 1: Bud Break
Class registration for Wine Club Members is OPEN
Registration for Non-Wine Club Members Opens on April 12th

Call 509-682-9463 to Register

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