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Our Staff is Who We Are

A company is the sum of it’s people. We are certainly in the business of making and selling wine, but it’s the team that matters at the end of the day. Though some team members float in and out of our lives over the years, while they are here, they are part of our lives and our family.

 Bob Jankelson

Dr. Bob Jankelson

If you spend any time around the winery, you will eventually run in to Bob. Most people who spend any amount of time talking with him come away with an understanding that he is about much more than wine. Bob is self professed “romantic” and his personal philosophy embraces the people and the small things that make life memorable for each of us. One of his self expressions of his life view is making wine.

The entire winery was born from his vision to share something that was special to him.  Though it’s unreasonable to expect that each glass of wine or each experience will be the best of your life, his goal is for every encounter with Tsillan Cellars to be special in some way.

Dave Moore
General Manager

Ray Sandidge

Brian Ensminger
Executive Chef

Bal Flores
Vineyard Manager

Sandy McDonald
Wedding Site Director

Carrie McGuinn
Wine Club Director

Cassy Schluneger
Assistant Wine Club Coordinator

Devon Griffith
Assistant Winemaker

Jamie Dowell
Marketing Director

Ashtyn Mann
Chelan Tasting Room Manager

Molly Forbes

Woodinville Tasting Room Manager

Please Contact Dave Moore Regarding Private Events